In 1920 a group of local residents of which some had seen action in the First World War held a meeting in a local Church Hall with an idea to form a Social Club .With contributions and money raising efforts they purchased some land to the rear of a steam laundry which occupied the present site .Two ex – Army barracks were purchased from the then Lord Lichfield sited at the former Training Camp in Brindley Heath, Cannock for the sum of £50.00. Both Barracks were dismantled and taken by Horse & Cart to Bradmore where they were erected by the members. One Barrack was used as the Bar Area and the other used as a function room. During this period Waitress service was provided. Becoming a popular venue with significant increase in Membership the Club raised revenue through a Share Issue to be paid back with no interest to purchase the Steam Laundry with the purpose of building the present club in the late 1920’s. The two barracks were sold onto Essington Working Men’s Club. The car park at the rear of the club used to be the Members Allotments and during the hard times of the Second World War produce was sold via the Club’s Horticultural Section.

During the 1950’s many a Wolverhampton Wanderers player would be seen in the club such as Billy Wright, Jimmy Mullen, and Bert Williams.

The 1960’s & 70’s saw the Club in the top 10 much sought after venues for then popular Midlands Music Scene with local groups such as Slade , The Montana’s , The Californians appearing .


Locally listed November 2001. Inter-war social club and institute.  Landmark building set back from the road.  Architectural and social history interest.


The building is in an area which seems to have been an old settlement which remained tiny until the very end of the 19th century, at which point it started to develop somewhat sporadically, providing a mixture of dates and classes of housing.  This building is quite out of scale with the housing around it and stylistically unrelated to them – but then, what style might it relate to?